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"Incredible attention to detail. Highly knowledgeable, Best representation ever. Excellent service, very caring and professional staff. I would recommend it to anyone in search of an investigator."


(Murrieta, CA)


"I was given quick and detailed information! I recommend G.A. Tucker P.I. Investigative Services to anyone who needs a discreet and accurate investigation." to anyone in search of an investigator."​

Jonathon D.

A satisfied Client


"Having the pleasure of working with Greg while he was a Lieutenant for the Texas Department of Criminal justice, I can say with confidence that he is the cream of the crop! Greg is a professional investigator who was affectionately nicknamed "Columbo" by his peers. This was due to his uncanny ability to get to the truth during the course of an Investigation. I highly recommend him!"

J Cozby

Senior Warden


“Greg has given me the chance to finally see my kids again”

Danny G.


"Just an outstanding firm to work with! Love these guys!."



I am a local attorney and own my own Law Firm. I use Greg Tucker on many of my cases. He is a professional and will go out of the way for my clients. His reports are factual and detailed.

Ashley M.

Local attorney


Though Greg Tucker found evidence and provided information I did not want to hear about my husband, the documentation provided, helped me end a very toxic relationship.

Maria G.

A wife

Thank you

Thank You Greg Tucker for proving that my deadbeat ex husband was lying to the courts and making money under the table. We appreciate the attention to detail that you provided in your report.

Linda L.

A wife


My ex accused me of many allegations, and even tried to put me in jail. Thanks to Greg Tucker, factual evidence was discovered and presented to the courts that showed she was being untruthful. I now have custody if my children.

Liam B.

A father

Thank you

My 14 year old child who has a medical condition that requires constant medical care, ran away. Greg Tucker was able to locate and to get our child back to our care within 12 hours and over 300 miles away. Greg is a professional and we owe a debt of gratitude for his service.

Sally H.

A caring mother

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