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Greg Tucker’s 15 years of Investigative Experience

G.A. Tucker P.I. Investigative Services L.L.C’s investigative team uses both experience and education to effectively solve investigative issues in an effective and professional manner. Though most Private Investigative firms have investigators who have years of experience, most of them lack the formal education needed to provide an analytical approach for their clients. At G.A. Tucker P.I. Investigative Services L.L.C., our investigators not only have several years experience in Law Enforcement, but also hold Master’s Degrees in Criminology, Forensic Behavioral Science, Legal Studies, Education and Psychology. We believe for an investigator to be effective, one must understand human behavior and have the experience to solve the task at hand. We provide this unique and diverse pedigree to our clients.

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Family Owned Business

GA Tucker PI Investigative Services is a family owned business. Though Greg Tucker is the CEO and the lead Forensic Behavioral Detective for the firm, Julia Tucker ( Greg's spouse) is an equal partner who holds two Masters' degrees in Psychology and Child Psychology. Julia not only acts as a consultant for the firm, she is the Chief Financial Officer. Together they strive to combine empirically based principles with proven investigative tools, to find effective solutions for their clients' needs.

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"I was given quick and detailed information! I recommend G.A. Tucker P.I. Investigative Services to anyone who needs a discreet and accurate investigation." to anyone in search of an investigator."​

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Each of our investigators are experienced and trained to do their jobs efficiently and professionally. We value our customers and are driven to provide them with exceptional service.

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